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Jacob Sexton

Tom – How old are you and how long have you been freestyle skateboarding for? 

Jacob – I’m 15 and I’ve been skating freestyle for a little over a year.

Tom – Current board setup? 

Jacob – My current board set up is a Waltz Karaoke complete with trucks I don’t know the name of.

Tom – Who is the first person you saw freestyle skateboarding?

Jacob – The first person I saw was Rodney, but I never thought of it as freestyle, I thought of it as like weird 80s skating. The first person I saw freestyle skating and knew that it was freestyle was Mike Osterman, in the video he did with braille.

Tom – How many contests have you entered? 

Jacob – Only one, the Thunder Dome, but I plan on going to more in the future. I had a blast!

Tom – Who is your current favourite skater/skaters? 

Jacob – I have a few. Dan Garb is like my number one for sure, but I also always watch Nick Beaulieu’s clips and some of my other general favorite skaters are Sarah Park, Ethan Young, Eric Lowery, Lucas Kwait, Holden Bystry, Ikkei Nagao, Keith Renna, Sean Burke, Derek Eliot and Mike Osterman. Most freestylers are really awesome, so I guess most freestylers are my favorite!

Tom – Current favourite trick? 

Jacob – Finger flip to cross foot and sorry for the second one, but 360 double finger flips as well.

Tom – What music are you currently listening to? 

Jacob – I’m not sure, I don’t listen to a lot of music anymore. I skate a lot so it’s been hard to make time for it between school and skating, but when I do listen to music it’s usually something like Kaleidoscope by DJ Food. It’s kinda just an instrumental album, but I really enjoy it.

Tom – Dream trick? 

Jacob – I have a few. I want to land a one armed rail English handstand flip, I want to land a Tommy knocker, which is a wind mill thrown forwards, but with a flip in it, and I’m always going for higher gymnast plant finger flips. The most I’ve gotten is 6, so 7 would be my dream trick right now. The world record is 9 1/2, done by Ikkei Nagao. He told me he landed a 10 flip off camera, but if you don’t film a trick (especially one like that), it didn’t happen. 

Tom – Any plans to film a part in 2023?

Jacob – Yes.

Tom – Any last words or shout-outs?

Jacob – Drink lots of water!

Jacob at the Tuscon Thunder Dome – Photographed by Ethan Young

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